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Why you need gutters

Gutters are outdoor plumbing for your home

"Why do I need gutters?" At HomeCraft, this is a question that we encounter a lot. A lot of individuals do not recognize the importance of gutters. They wonder why they need gutters if they are just going to get clogged. The answer is simple: gutters prevent erosion. If you do not have gutters, when it rains water will hit the side of your home and it will drip on down to your home's foundation, which can cause your foundation to settle. If your foundation settles, this can lead to uneven floors, cracked floors, and cracked walls. Gutters are essentially outdoor plumbing for your home. They take water that could potentially damage your home and they direct it somewhere else. That is why gutters are important. Additionally, it is important to keep your gutters unclogged with a reliable gutter guard because if they are clogged, then they cannot perform their job of directing water away from your home. Luckily at HomeCraft we not only provide reliable gutter guards, but we also can provide gutter installations as well. 

Climbing a Ladder

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Luckily HomeCraft provides both gutters and a good gutter guard system  that will ensure that your gutters are working properly and doing their job.